You'll laugh until your sides hurt

Hypnotic techniques show just how strong the power of suggestion can
be on the human mind. Comedy Stage Hypnotist Will Power's side-splitting humor is a sexual-romp experience that will tickle your funny bone. With a snap of the finger he will have his volunteers howling and twitching with pleasure of pure delight that keeps them on an erotic climatic high over and over again.

It's "Pee Your Pants" Funny

Leave your inhibitions at the door or you will surely be offended by something during this performance. There is no nudity but all internal morals completely disappear as Power's performs this outrageously energetic, raw and totally hilarious show. It"s over the top, uncensored and adults-only with good, clean, naughty fun.

After he puts his volunteers on stage into a hypnotic trance, they go wild with their imaginations and let their hair hang down to the delight of the audience. We"re talking huge erotic fun. It is an absolutely loud and a rocking good time as party people express their affections to adult humor like never before. Will Powers keeps his audience in stitches.

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